Coming August 15 2020 


Cyberpunk dystopia

The revolution has begun. But where will it end?

The stakes have never been higher.

The banns are in lockdown, making it all but impossible for Dez, Bo and their friends to resist the increasing authoritarianism of Newport City. Bo believes that the mysterious power of the water is the key to winning their struggle, but Dez is deeply troubled about his increasing obsession.

Meanwhile, up-and-coming soap star Erin Saba is in trouble. And in Newport City there’s nowhere to hide. Especially if you’re Erin Saba…

Pinkers, Book 2 in the Newport City duology by Alison Croggon and Daniel Keene, is the powerful sequel to Fleshers. 

Cover design by Oleisha Proksa

”The coolest science fiction I’ve read in years”

Ellie Marney


The Threads of Magic

Middle Grade Fantasy

Coming to the US soon

An atmospheric and riveting fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of Frances Hardinge and Cornelia Funke.  Alison Croggon conjures a rich, immersive world with brilliant and memorable characters in this captivating story of loyalty, courage and friendship.

“Vivid, compelling, utterly, utterly magical.” Read and Reviewed


Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon is an award-winning novelist, poet, theatre writer, critic and editor who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She works in many genres and her books and poems have been published to acclaim nationally and internationally. She is arts editor for The Saturday Paper and co-editor of the performance criticism website Witness. On this site you can find details on all her books – fantasy, science fiction, poetry, theatre texts and critical essays. 


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The Books of Pellinor

Alison Croggon best-selling fantasy quintet.

“Croggon’s humbly exquisite prose weaves splendor into everything, from spells of magery and the frightening, otherworldly realm that the protagonists must tread to the regular World’s aesthetic beauty and human emotion (grief, shame, terror, trauma)…Magnificent yet intimate, dark yet tender.” – Kirkus Reviews

Fleshers – Newport City

Dazzling new science fiction from award-winning writers Alison Croggon and Daniel Keene

“”The coolest science fiction I’ve read in years – if cyberpunk dystopian SF is your jam, I highly recommend this amazing book.” – Ellie Marney

“A vividly imagined post-collapse story, anchored by a sharp understanding of the ways imperfect people confront an oppressive government.” – Kate Elliott

Black Spring

Dark Gothic fantasy 

“A darkly captivating tale of heartbreaking, destructive passion.” Booklist

“Bronte devotees will swoon. For those who take their romance tumultuous and doomed.” Kirkus Reviews

The River and the Book

Winner of the 2016 Environmental Award for Writing for Children
Shortlisted for the WA Premiers Literary Awards
A Children’s Book Council of Australia 2016 Notable Book

“A resonant, haunting story… a simply told and dreamlike tale that tackles huge questions about conservation, capitalism, colonialism and cultural appropriation.” – The Age

New and Selected Poems

Raw, passionate and dazzling, Alison Croggon’s poetry confronts a world fractured by different kinds of violence – patriarchal, colonial, sexual and emotional – and finds there a difficult beauty.

“Free verse in Australia has rarely come better than Croggon’s.” – The Australian

“Alison Croggon is one of the most powerful lyric poets writing today.” – Australian Book Review

Remembered Presences

Critical essays

Searching, challenging and always entertaining, Croggon grapples with the contradictions and delights of writing about performance, an ephemeral artform central to our cultural memory.

“There is no question that Croggon is among the best critics this country has produced, and there is not a review here that doesn’t attest to her precision of thought and expression.” – Australian Book Review


As every reader knows in their heart, there is much more to truth than mere fact.

― Alison Croggon

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