What readers are saying about Newport City:

“Quantum perfection” Five stars

“Gritty, fast-paced, intelligent dystopian sci-fi. An intense and satisfying ride.” Five stars

“Cyberpunk plus shapers plus dread diseases set in a future where human beings are the odd ones out.” – Five stars



Cyberpunk dystopia

“I’ve got all the feelings. And feelings are trouble.”

Dez is different from the other fleshers who scrape a living on the outskirts of Newport. She’s a living quantum computer, the missing link between human and artificial intelligence. If Newport City OpSec knew about her abilities, she’d be dead meat. Or worse.

Dez hacks into OpSec to find out if they know her secret and uncovers a plan to exterminate millions of fleshers. Now their only chance is to risk everything.

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“The coolest science fiction I’ve read in years – if cyberpunk dystopian SF is your jam, I highly recommend this amazing book.” – Ellie Marney

“Draws readers through an action-packed, multi-layered narrative and will leave them with the desire to learn more about the complex and unusual characters.” – Books+Publishing

Cover design: Oleisha Proksa

A vividly imagined post-collapse story, anchored by a sharp understanding of the ways imperfect people confront an oppressive government.” – Kate Elliott



Cyberpunk dystopia

The revolution has begun. But where will it end?

The stakes have never been higher.

The banns are in lockdown, making it all but impossible for Dez, Bo and their friends to resist the increasing authoritarianism of Newport City. Bo believes that the mysterious power of the water is the key to winning their struggle, but Dez is deeply troubled about his increasing obsession.

Meanwhile, up-and-coming soap star Erin Saba is in trouble. And in Newport City there’s nowhere to hide. Especially if you’re Erin Saba…

Available in paperback and all e formats

Cover design: Oleisha Proksa

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